K-Space Mining: Something to Keep In Mind

May 11, 2010

If we count up the weights in lasers (refer to the High-Sec/K-Space section of this article), it doesn’t make sense to take out an Orca unless there is at least 18+ weight worth of lasers.  This is because an above-average skilled Orca pilot will contribute about 20% boost to the mining laser output.

Any mining teams using Orcas with less than 18 weight worth of lasers are not only putting the Orca at risk for negligible gain, but also are making less per hour.  If your mining team exceeds 18 weight of lasers though, go Orca happy!

More tonight — my K-Space team, get with me, I have the new K-Space Op Paysheet ready.



  1. Politely, and as an Orca owner, I’d disagree. The *math* may bo on your side, but with the Orca along you get
    * mining link boost
    * a safe jet-can to drop your ore into
    * a large drone bay to either run 4 miners, or 5 escort guards
    * an extra pair of eyes that isn’t watching ‘roid consumption rates,and therefore can watch for reds (rats and hostiles) and help your team pack up faster.

    IMHO, if you’ve 18+ weight, you need either 2 Orcas or 1 plus an Iteron, to make sure that you can decamp with all your ore at any time.

  2. You do bring up really good points, Jenni. These are all good things to keep in mind with Orca deployment, depending on the circumstances. My rough math included 2x gang boost mods though.

    The cargo capacity of the Orca has a safe place to hold ore is a huge plus, but I find it manageable to have a dedicated hauler VS an Orca unless there is a massive amount of Hulks on the field. Sure that hauler pilot is going to be dead-tired, but he’s also getting paid to haul 😀 Let’s say, for mining in stationless systems, the Orca is a huge advantage though.

    With regard to drones… I would never ever ever run mining drones on my Orcas. Perhaps combat drones to help kill rats and rep gang members (depending on the sec/rat sizes).

    In general I teach all my team members to always maintain alignment and scan local. Those who got lazy die, and then learn pretty fast after that 😉 We’re involved in FW and tend to have personal decs, so this situational awareness is the most important. I’d rather sacrifice some efficiency for increased survivability.

    I insist my miners fit for max maneuverability, and the Orcas for max tank at all times though. Just bad habits I picked up living for years out in null-sec. The consequence of fitting in such a way is cargo space tends to be quite small, which for us works out well cuz it forces them to not be as AFK.

    Curious though — where is your corp based? We’re in Gallente Space atm.

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