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Carebear Rage

May 25, 2010

W-space is one of those cool places where anything goes.  You never know if the guy on d-scan is going to be friendly or is going to try to gank you.  Especially if he’s Russian.  Which in that case I adopt a NBRA attitude (Not Blue Run Away).

Had two great PvP encounters last night though.  When I logged on, we had a connector to an exit a few jumps from Hek and Rens, which made us giddy since most of us went shopping and hauled out our current stash of loot from Valhalla System.  We nearly finished our haul-out and then we picked up some activity so Stocks quickly switches to his Wolf to provide eyes on the hole to Valhalla System and the Minnie exit hole.  A Punisher, Vexor, and a Bellicose.  Mmm juicy targets.  Chan jumps into an Arazu and starts scanning them down.  It was pretty funny watching these guys try to combat probe us down, apparently in the Bellicose.  Imagine the offensive and tanking capability of a Bellicose after being hampered by an expanded probe launcher’s CPU requirements lol.  The Bellicose warps into Stocky a few times at 10-15 km and decides not to play, and books it for the Minnie high sec exit and bails.

We keep the situation enticing for them by continuing our haul-ins.  It’s sort of funny because we basically hauled out at least 400 mISK in loot, and I hauled in maybe 1.5 bISK in ships, faction/plex mods, and faction ammo for myself.  Finally they bite.  Immediately Holland and Stocky pwns the Punisher and pods the guy.  We get the Vexor into structure but somehow he gets away since he’s MWD fit (damn forgot to overheat mods :<).  Bouncing planets a few times we always land a bit out of long-point range, and eventually he makes it back to his PoS and hides.

Punisher + Pod

Look at how funny it is that the Vexor pilot points his friend for us by accident, not once, but twice.  Thanks for the pod kill, mate!  Mr Vexor convos us about how they thought they could get an easy hauler kill (that would be me lol).  They never expected that one haha.

Near DT, we close the hole connecting us to Minnie space and open up another one.  30+ combat sites!  We drool at the ISK potential and hop in our Pve ships.  Oculi gets on and we realize there is a PoS in that system owned by a small 10-man corp.  And ohh, a Legion!  Ipsi pops out combat probes and we start scanning the guy down, but then a Retribution and Coercer appears on d-scan as well.  We’re getting super excited so the bat-signal is sent out and we amass a small fleet of BCs, a FR, a cov-ops.  Ipsi has some trouble scanning the guy down so he switches to his stash of Sisters combats and pins the guy, though we’re getting worried that the Retribution and Coercer pilots may hop in heavier ships.  But wait!  I did some thinking and said that we only saw one ship moving at a time — was this guy running sites solo and swapping ships to salvage?!  It would appear so!

After 30-45 mintues of being annoyed that we kept pinning the Legion’s location down, only to have him swap ships and have to re-scan him, we finally catch him starting a new site.  Ipsi warps in at 100 km and gets into position, while Oculi also positions himself for extra long range Arazu pointy love.  On the Valhalla side, we have our fleet chilling.  Holland, Stocky, Mando, Rare, and me, in a Hurricane, Wolf, 2 Drakes, and a Brutix.  We agonize about how this guy could potentially be very well fit, because W-space dwellers are all rich right?!  If he is fitted correctly, he could probably rep nearly 1K hp per second and still do pretty massive damage for a cruiser hull.  The only way to get past his rep would be to neut the crap out of him, so we consider taking out the old neut Dominix, before saying “fuck it” and dealing with the medium neuts we have fitted on our PvP ships.  Stocky and Mando have to leave so we lose the Wolf and Drake *sad face*.

Ipsi and Oculi are in position and as the Legion pilot activates the 2nd wave (the hardest one), and we jump in and bum rush this dude.  Everyone drops warp in position, except for me in my Brutix.  I land about 15 km away, way too far to hit the dude with my scram, even heated.  Not to mention that I’m blaster gank fit so I have to hump the guy practically.  I hit the AB and heat it and close range.  The guy is obviously panicing because there are a shitton of ships on grid with him, with an Arazu keeping him from moving, not to mention the points that Holland and I threw on him lol.

The Sleepers start switching targets to Oculi’s Arazu and Holland’s Hurricane.  Then perhaps a bit too late, the guy switches from trying to kill us (lol) and pops the trigger for the 3rd wave, spawning more Sleepers which start biting into our buffer tanks.  But too late, the Legion goes into structure and explodes in spectacular fashion \o/.  I start targetting the pod and priming my blasters and scram, but he warps away just as I’m about to lock him :(.  We grab its loot and warp out, still giddy.  As we see the guy’s capsule go off d-scan in an apparent rage quit 😀

I’m still a bit disappointed that the Legion wasn’t faction fitted, but eh, a T3 kill is a T3 kill.


Then we start feeling just a tad bad because we’re talking on Ventrilo about how long this guy’s probably saved to buy that Legion becasue most W-space corps don’t pay as much as I do to my Project Valhalla members.  Ah well, it feels good to be evil 🙂

Since there’s nothing else to kill, we start running sites in their hole because shit, now we own it.

To add some salt to the wound, I anchored a SSC on VIII-22 that stated “Nemesis Nation – Now Recruiting.”  Hope they like it 🙂


Reminder: Don’t Play EvE Slightly Intoxicated

May 21, 2010

Here in Valhalla system, our crew is nearly always intoxicated.  Something about beer and hard liquor that makes running Sleeper sites so much easier.  However, many of us came from PvP backgrounds, with our few industrialists now thirsting for blood oozing from squished ship hulls as well.

I might add though — PvP’ing while slightly intoxicated doesn’t work very well.  Whenever we have that urge, we just have to go find someone to gank.  Yesterday was one of those days.  So our crew, coming off of an alcohol rush, saddled up into gank BCs and FRs to go for some gank action.  Trying to gank people doesn’t work this way.  You’ve got to be totally wasted.

Since we couldn’t find anyone in W-space to kill (they kept running away after trying to act all hard with an Onyx), we dropped out and went into the Minmatar FW zone to try to pick a fight.  A Megathron went down pretty easily after he took the bait from our Falcon, and then a Thrasher was pretty much insta-popped.  This is where it goes all to hell.

We ran out of alcohol!

Without our pimp juice, our PvP’ing became pretty flaccid.  We eventually lost a Harbinger and a Falcon (sad face) to some pies who came in a Typhoon, Hurricane, Falcon, and Scimitar, and floated off into space, disoriented, in search of more booze.

Lesson of the day: Always keep the alcohol stocked up and ready to lube up the guns.


Slow Brutix is Slow

May 17, 2010

Sometimes I’m in New Eden for hours.  Yesterday was one of those days.  By 1500, it was the 10h mark and I was pretty damn pooped out.

I was nearly asleep at my keyboard when a Oc, a new Project Valhalla member I brought in a few days ago woke me up over Ventrilo with: “Suun, I think we have a Covetor in this C4 a few connectors down.”  Damn, I’ve never reacted so fast for a while now.  I grabbed the BM’s and my gank Brutix.  Sweet thing about an all-gang Brutix is that I’ve jammed the lows full of damage mods, leaving the mids and rigs with shield mods for a passive tank.  Slotted some Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M into the blasters and off I went.

The Covetor was just chilling at a gravimetric site in a C4 2 connectors down, and I wanted to alpha his ass.  I’m getting reports over Vent from Oc: “OK, I’m in position, warp to me at 10km and you’ll land on top of him.”  I’m serious, the response time was like ~3 minutes from the time I got the possible target call, to me being at the WH to the C4.  I’m laughing to myself quietly because this is going to be such a sweet gank.  They had a Nighthawk, Drake, buncha indies, and a cap or two on scan, but we were going to get in, do the deed, and get out.

I activate the WH and get into the C4, and immediately initiate a warp to Oc.  The Covetor is still chilling, jetcanning.  I’m thinking that this guy is sooo AFK.  About 75,000 km left on my warp, Oc goes “Uhh Suun.. the guy is sublighting.”  Shit!  I pray I have time to catch him before he aligns all the way and warps off.

I land literally on top of him and couldn’t lock and scram him because his warp drive already kicked in.  Immediately the system starts buzzing with activity and we both kick into defensive mode.  Oc cloaks up his cov-ops and I start bouncing.  Damn with my shit skills I couldn’t fit a cloak onto my Brutix 😦  As I’m aligning to a random planet (III), I lock up and pop all the Covetor’s cans of tasty Arkonor.  I warp into III at 30 km and see the Covetor.  Apparently he had warped in at 70 km.  I don’t bother burning at him because there would’ve been no way to catch him anyway, and he warps off.

We thought they would try to catch us at the connection WH, but on my next d-scan, there were zero ships on scan.  Just a bunch of PoS and industrial arrays/modules.  The fools had logged because they were scared of a tiny Brutix.  And they had cap ships!  Haha…

Anyway, I guess Oc and I were satisfied with ruining their mining op by popping their Arkonor cans.  Condolence prize I guess :\

We head back to our home system and back to our blue bubble.

I’ll be much happier next week when I can fly a Navy Omen relatively well enough, with enough DPS and tank to fuck up most ships a class size up.  The gank Brutix outputs an insane amount of DPS for its class, but it’s just too damn slow.  Meh.