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The Void

May 10, 2010

W-Space has this affect on the men and women that inhabit it.  Here they are forged from carebears into ruthless killers in pursuit of ISK.  I remember when we first took the initial team into Valhalla system.  We would routinely close holes at the smallest possibility of combat.  After all, most of these men and women had a PvE or industrial background.

4 months down the line, we’re in our comfort zone.  Sure we’ve had some heavy losses initially to the Russians and the certain role-playing drug runner alliance.  But even after a massive fleet loss in February, I’m amazed that my group even rebounded.  Yet a few days later, they were at it again, with shiny new ships.  The resilience is very comforting.

We’ve tried a few different ways of diplomacy here, and have made a few friends from it.  But eventually we fell back to our basic corp policy of NBSI.  It’s funny, some of the people we killed ended up being friends later.

I admit at times it’s lonely in here, with so few people to interact with.  But whenever we’re back in k-space there is a certain itch to be sucked back into the void.  Small habits we picked up, such as spamming 360 d-scan every 2 seconds, being paranoid, pixel panic.  It’s pretty disheartening to see so many people out in k-space, and not being sure about your surroundings because of the expanded threat levels.

In here, we’re in our comfort zone.  Grinding out anomalies, magnetometric, radar sites, maybe even massage some arkonor and mercoxit rocks once in a while.  On any given moment’s notice though, we saddle up our war horses at opportunities that arise to take out threats.  It’s funny watching ex-industrialists rocking battlecruisers, raking laser beams across enemy hulls, supporting our combat pilots.  But our evolved mantra is, if we don’t teach intruders a lesson, someone else will.  I tend to think we’re a bit nicer at it then others may be.  At least we’ll blow you up outright instead of warp scramming your pod for an hour haha.


Moving Onto Greater Things

April 15, 2010

One of the issues with running either a W-space corp or a division of a corp with W-space assets is “when do we move onto greater things?”

Granted, as your W-space inhabitants gain more confidence in running sites, they will naturally always want more.  You have that natural progression from C1 –> C6 that goes with time.  While my original decision to inhabit a C4-C2 may have been a contentious one, in effect it serves as a training ground for my men.  C2’s are easily soloable when not enough people are online.  Then we figured out we can effectively though slowly grind out C4 sites with an ECM battleship backed by a DPS battleship.  Well, that sort of messes up the 3-4 man RR gang it typically takes to efficiently rock a C4.  With that ECM battleship, we’re able to take out effectively 50% or more of the Sleeper DPS, making even those tough C4 sites easy peasy.

So where do we go from here?

There are a few things I have in mind that will allow us to continue to live in the current system, whilst recruiting more W-space members, beefing up security, and saving up ISK for a proper move to a C5/6 (meaning at least 2 faction towers).  One of the benefits of having Directorship in a multi-national corp is the global footing of the corp.  We always have people online.  Some TZ’s might not have as many people, but there are always people to banter about stupid shit with, distraction allowing.  Per our corp setup, trust is a major issue.  Taking lessons from the old null-sec alliances I used to serve out my early EvE career in from 2004-2009, divisions, partitions, and trust management is a huge thing.  Who do we trust with tower manager roles?  Who do we trust period with being able to access tower arrays?  Faulty logic and thinking in most carebear corps, and even large alliances have allowed discontented people to initiate large corp heists before leaving.  The divisions and partitional nature allows us to fine tune the trust management, but at the same time, it removes many potential members from more “secure” projects that involve a ton of ISK.  So the strength build-up is slow, but necessary.

Now, with ~25 members manning our Project Valhalla, there are some things I feel that needs focus on:

01.)  Increased PvP patrols; i.e. gank everything that is alive, sending them back into the clone vat, questions asked later
02.)  Accept the C2/3/4 grind to generate ISK for future W-space endeavors
03.)  Utilize the nature of W-space to raid null-sec for some more PvP fun
04.)  Increase our science abilities
05.)  Make sure more pilots are capital ship capable; this means dread, carrier, Orca, Rorqual pilots

All in all, my pilots have been more than gracious.  Granted as a leader, I provide and encourage a lot of leeway.  I believe in the school of thought that pushes for a firm hand, understanding, fun, but also sternness in reaching for our goals.

We continue to evaluate our risks.  Once you pass the 60% mark on surety, it’s probably a good bet to throw everything you have got at the situation.  This goes for PvP, PvE, market stuff, all that good shit.


Magnetometric/Radar Exploration Sites

April 9, 2010

Finally got fed up that I was being teased as the Director who couldn’t do Exploration Sites – hey my points are in leadership!

With Astrogeology III and Hacking III, this setup is fairly fast even with T1 modules.  The best part is it’s throw-away in case you get popped inadvertently, though usually I’m able to Arch/Hack right in the middle of the spawn, and as long as there aren’t Sleeper frigates, I either take very little damage, or I’m able to align and warp out before they could really hit me.

I guess I could T2 fit everything, but I don’t really see the point for doubling/tripling the cost for a few percentage points faster module speed of what amounts to be a cheap-gets-the-job-done fit that if it blows up you won’t feel so bad.

Fit’s rounded out with a cloak and a probe launcher, in case they’re needed.

[Vigil, Throwaway Hacker]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertia Stabilizers I
Expanded Cargohold II

1MN MicroWarpdrive I
Codebreaker I
Analyzer I

[empty high slot]
Prototype Cloaking Device I
Core Probe Launcher I, Sisters Core Scanner Probe I

Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I
Small Emission Scope Sharpener I
[empty rig slot]