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Blending IG with OOE

April 17, 2010

One of the great things about EvE Online is the possibilities for the game to spill over to the OOE realm.  Whether in the EvE forums, blogosphere, or on Twitter, it’s bound to happen.  EvE has that sort of grip on your life.

Last night was pretty fun.  Since I’m not able to be on EvE actively this week, #tweetfleet gives me part of that fix.  It was pretty hilarious how many people responded when I threw out 50 mISK into the mix for my numbers guessing game.  After hours of replies, I finally picked a winner for the prize.  No one guessed the correct number (22), but mark726 over at EvE Travel got pretty close with his guess (26).

Congrats to mark726 again, and thanks all for playing!  Looking forward to run a #tweetfleet contest like this again in the near future!